We want to channel the inner Tolkien fan in each of you to be part of something epic. This is your chance to influence the film making of a story that we all cherish. Of course, we don't mean to alter the storyline. We just want a few true Tolkien fans to get the chance to be in the background. If we succeed, Peter Jackson and crew will invite us to be extras in the new Tolkien based production of The Hobbit. In order to get Peter Jackson's invitation to be extras, however, we will need all the media buzz we can get. Blog about our videos, tweet about our website, tag us in Facebook photos, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and if you feel so inclined, donate to our cause. You can help us get back to the shire by posting comments on the blog with suggestions (perhaps for our next video), writing letters to Peter Jackson, or by a small $1 donation. You can donate however much you want and any amount is greatly appreciated. To learn more visit our website at roadtotheshire.com.