Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Land of M.E.N. (Middle Earth News)

"Meet the Hobbits Behind 'Road to the Shire' in our Exclusive Interview," their words, not mine. Although it would have been hilarious to record our own interview and pass it off as legitimate, this actually did happen. The producers at Middle Earth News, Tracking All Things Middle Earth, asked us for am exclusive interview. We didn't want the attention so we declined the generously placed offer... PSYCHE! We were thrilled and jumped at the opportunity. So read up on it, mate. Follow the link, Exclusive MEN Interview, and enjoy. 

No girls, it's not a 100 hottest Men interview, no Gyllenhaal, Pitt or Reynolds. And guys, don't let your buddy see you clicking on a link with such a title, eh?

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