Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hobbits leaving for New Zealand January 31st and Ellen Twitter Blitz Round 2!

Its official! The Hobbits are leaving for New Zealand January 31st.  It has been a long hard journey, but the Shire is within sight. Last minute details are being taken care of and certain hobbit events are being planned with the New Zealand locals. It's too soon to say exactly what we are planning while in New Zealand...but lets just say its going to be epic and is going to involve certain Lord of the Rings movie set locations. :)

On another note, over the Christmas holiday we spend our days crafting the most beautiful arts.  We want to send these crafted beauty's to Ellen Degenerous and Stephen Colbert. We made both of them 4 foot high portraits of their faces as hobbits and bobble heads of them as them as hobbits. These precious gifts, we feel, cannot go to waste. So to Colbert, we are sending his gifts with a friend headed to New York in the next few weeks. For Ellen, we decided to give them to her personally.

Yes, that's right. The hobbits are headed to the sunny beaches of California. (A prior trip to the ultimate Shire trip.) We want to let Ellen know we are coming, so we are doing a Massive Ellen Twitter Blitz Round Two!  

This Thursday send tweets to Ellen #hostthehobbit and ask her kindly to please spare a moment for us to see her and give her our gifts we labored so hard to make.

Thanks to everyone who has been with us throughout this journey. We can't do this without you and we wouldn't have made it this far without the support of our fans. So, tell your friends, your family, your elderly neighbor, your dog. Tell everyone!  Tell them, that the hobbits are going to New Zealand!

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