Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sneak Peek- Bieber Video

Hello and good day.
To all our fans and supporters out there, we appreciate all of the help, donations and buzz thus far. Our trailer video got 1,000 hits in the first week. So it is with great pleasure that we give you a little preview of the next video to land on our page. This one is dedicated to Justin Bieber and his fans as well as to all of you Roadtotheshire fans. So help us get JB on our side to persuade Peter Jackson to invite us back to the Shire!
1st verse- Lyric sneak peek:

We know you love us,
we know you care.
Just tweet about us,
hit like or share.
Cause we are furry,
our need is dire.
And we must get back, get back, get back to the shire!

*Once the video is up, you will also be able to download the original track we cut for $1.

Olo, Toad, and Beri

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