Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Aragorn Van

A picture of our sweet ride was in high demand, so here it is!...I know there is a lot of people in front of it, but still. We met up with the BYU Study abroad group that was already here in New Zealand. Cool people. They totally loved what we were doing.

Just want to apologize for  not blogging as much as we promised. When trying to seek out the Director of all Directors and make sure our plans for being extras are secure, we sort of forget to write. We have been visiting locals and other people trying to rally the fans of New Zealand to help us. Hopefully Peter won't be able to say no with a good portion of New Zealand on our side.

Just want to remind everyone though that it will be easier for us to post new pictures on twitter and facebook, so if you're not already following us there, you should so you can support us from a far.

That's it for now, I'll go into more detail here soon, promise. I know everyone back in the US is eager to here of our progress.

Your in the fellowship,
The Hobbits

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