Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well, the journey has begun. We've made it past our first challenge: catch a flight from SLC to LAX via our standby buddy passes #thanksforthedonation. Now we come to our next challenge. Catch a flight to Sydney where we have confirmed tickets to Christchurch NZ. From there we will visit the Red Cross and then make our way up to the north island and to THE SHIRE. We will be trying to keep you updated. So far during our layover we've met some really interesting people. Everything from a Russian cab driver to a band of American "travelers" (gypsies) who were making their way on foot from Seattle to San Diego. (We met them at Venice beach during our 10 hour layover). One of them kept telling everyone that he was up for adoption--especially to attractive women. It was fascinating. For now this is all. Please enjoy this comatose pic of Olo Bracegirdle of Hardbottle. We were all pretty tuckered out including Toad who pulled an all-nighter before to finish the 4 ft tall portrait of Sir Peter Jackson we are going to deliver to him. Pics to come.