Friday, February 3, 2012

Party Time!!!!!!

Tonight is our epic Hobbit send-off party. Nothing could be better, we have pizza, chips, drinks, youtube on the big screen and...of course...hobbits. We are watching the Hobbit movie trailer as we speak. Prep for New Zealand is almost done and so now all we have to do is wait and enjoy the company of friends and fans.

For those of you who could not come to our party, know that you can party virally if you feel so inclined.  Send pictures our way of how you celebrate the this epic occasion. After all, its a celebration for all of us, because we could have never accomplished this without everyones help. So celebrate the fact that you are one step closer to making your mark on the Movie of the century.

 We will try and post stuff soon from the party. We had some awesome musical numbers from a friend who wrote a song dedicated to Hobbits, his name is Shredstin. It was pretty epic.

Anyway, best be getting back to the party. Just thought I best make an update since I promised one daily.

Yours Truly,
The Hobbits

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