Monday, February 13, 2012

Back on the Home Front

Though I know you would all much rather here from the Hobbits back in New Zealand, I thought I would take a minute to go over things on the home front. Back in Utah things have been moving along quite nicely. We are on our last day of the kickstarter with 2,761 dollars in the account. All our efforts today will be concentrated on raising that last 1,239. Cross your fingers, because without that money we won't have much funding for our doc.

 I've talked with the boys here and there, but their cell phone costs money and they are getting only spotty internet so they have been able to get a hold of me, tweet and blog only so often. But from what I know, they have meet a number of people who could help them to meet Peter Jackson! Again, cross your fingers. I also know, or I believe, that this week the locals of New Zealand will be holding an event with them as the main attraction. Pretty awesome, right?

Anyway, along with raising funds, we have also been fleshing out the script some more for the doc, which has been a lot more effort that I realized. We have done so many things in the space of the last few months that its hard to organize it all. Also we have been on the search for a composer for the doc score and have been getting t-shirts printed! There was a delay in the printing or else I would have picked them up already, but they should be done soon, which is exciting.

Anyway, that's it for now. Keep checking the blog for more updates. Sorry it hasn't quite been an everyday thing. We have been trying.

Megan Kenley
Account Manager

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