Thursday, February 2, 2012

Packing as a Hobbit is Hard.

I don't know how Bilbo and Frodo did it.

There is too much to pack. I guess neither Bilbo nor Frodo had to pack homework, textbooks, steady cams ,and other such electronics and school things, but still.

Fundraising for the documentary has been going so well. Thank you all for your support. We are just shy of our goal on kickstarter, which is so cool. We will be able to use the money to finish production of the film, and enter it into film festivals. If you care to throw a dollar or two our way, we now have custom made hobbit t-shirts that you can have as a thank you. On kickstarter we also offer other awesome gifts and prizes for helping us out. This is what the t-shirts look like. :)

It still is amazing to me how much power there is in social media and we cannot thank our fans enough for supporting us in this journey to experiment and see just how powerful it can really be. Just think of what you could do? Think of what anyone could do, if they really wanted to, anything is possible.

That's what our friend Ally Shields realized too when she sent a simple video to Ellen and was able to get on the show, then she went on to try out for American Idol and made it to Hollywood and kissed Usher! Just deciding you want to do something crazy, random and life changing is the first step.

Anyway, I'll step down off my soap box. Social media is legit though, just say'n.

Our friends here in Provo have told us they want to throw a going away party before we take off. So, as we pack, plan and do homework, we will also have a quick party then take off on Super Bowl Sunday for the ride of our lives.

So far we are planning a few events in New Zealand, so if anyone is going to be in Wellington next week, look out, cus the Hobbits will be there!

Until next time,
The Hobbits

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